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2013 Board Compensation in the Life Sciences Industry Report is immediately available- click here to learn more.

2013 Executive Pay in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Report is immediately available - click here to learn more.

2013 Executive Pay in the Medical Device Industry Report is immediately available- click here to learn more.

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CEO Compensation Increases

How did CEO compensation change from fiscal year 2011 to 2012 in small life sciences companies? Below is a brief analysis of changes in CEO pay in companies under $25M in annual revenue for device and biopharm companies:

-CEO Base Salary

  • up 10.5% for Device
  • up 6.3% for Biopharm

- CEO Total Cash

  • up 18.8% for Device
  • up 15.2% for Biopharm

- CEO Total Direct Comp

  • up 17.3% for Device
  • up 5.9% for Biopharm

Almost half of all the Device CEOs received a cash bonus for 2012, and nearly 70% of Biopharm CEOs did. This also represents an improvement over 2011.

To see a broader review of FIVE YEAR TRENDS impacting CEO pay in the two industry sectors, click here.

2013 Board Compensation Report

Our 2013 Board Compensation in the Life Sciences Industry report is now available.

The study has data from 459 publicly-traded life sciences companies. The data is broken out by industry sector (medical device and biopharma) and by market capitalization, ensuring that relevant data is available for all device or biopharm companies, regardless of product mix, size or stage-of-development. We present the average for each element of compensation, and the prevalence of pay practices in each marcap bracket and industry sector. We also present the same information for all life science companies, to give you a broader look at the industry.

The report is available in Acrobat format, with a set of comprehensive tables. An optional Excel data set is available if you want to conduct your own analysis of the data. The Excel data set covers all companies referenced in the Acrobat report, with device and biopharm companies listed separately for ease of analysis.

Board Pay Growth Slows

While the median annual board retainer for the industry increased from $30K to $35K, total annual cash compensation for basic board service (exclusive of committee activities) remained flat. This is because the increase in retainer was largely offset by the discontinuance of meeting fees.

Of the three primary committee roles (audit, compensation, and nominating/corp governance) only the nominating chair saw an increase in annual retainer. This move toward greater pay parity with the compensation committee chair may be reflective of increased nominating committee activity over the past year.

The complete report has separate analysis for the medical device and biopharm industries, and breakouts for six marcap brackets (under $50M, $50-99.9M, $100-499.9M, $500-999.9M, $1-4.9B, and $5B+). To learn more, CLICK HERE.